TeXnicle beta 9 released

+ Highlight matching words. Select a word in the editor, and all matching words in
view will be subtly highlighted. This can be deactivated in the general preferences.
+ Added a 'replace' option in the project finder tab. You can replace selected
matches, or all matches.
+ Various bug fixes.

TeXnicle beta 8 released

+ Bug fixes to launch sequence to make sure engines are installed when launching TeXnicle by
double-clicking tex or texnicle document.
+ Proper validation of toolbar items.
+ Various minor bug fixes

TeXnicle beta 7 released

This is the 7th beta release of TeXnicle 2.0. It introduces a new engine system which allows users to define new engines and have TeXnicle use them. Three engines are included: latex, pdflatex and context. Compile settings are now per-project. This release also includes better encoding handling, persistent compile options for stand-alone documents, restoring of open files in projects, and various bug fixes. See the Changelog for more details.